Why Gift Cards Are Better Than Credit Or Debit Card Or Cash
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Travel / Lifestyle January 7, 2022
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Many retailers offer gift cards to provide a convenient and safe way to give gifts online or offline. Nowadays, you’ll find two types of gift cards, namely e-gift (digital) and physical cards, and each comes with specific benefits and features. But what makes them better than giving cash or using a debit or credit card for shopping? One reason is that your recipients have the option to convert them to cash if they don’t have any use for them. They have to find the highest gift card rate before trading it for cash online.

How gift cards differ from other options

Gift cards are designed for use at a particular merchant or retailer. They’re typically purchased as gifts for others. With a gift card, you can give your recipient the freedom to buy whatever they want from that store. It usually comes with a specific amount of money. Depending on the merchant, the gift card’s funds may be spent in intervals or on one go. If the item costs more than the card’s value, the buyer can simply add to it themselves with their cash or by charging the remaining amount on their debit or credit card.

A convenient and secure way to pay

It’s not advisable to give your credit or debit card details to anyone, even if you think you can trust them. You shouldn’t ever let anyone borrow those cards either! To protect your hard-earned money and avoid fraud, it’s better to give a gift card when giving someone the gift of choice. It will even provide them with the option to trade it for cash if they don’t want to use it. Consider checking the highest gift card rate, just in case you want to help them get the most from your present.

Where to check gift card rates

Find a reputable and trustworthy platform that lets you trade gift cards for naira. It usually has a section where you can view and compare cards to find the highest gift card rate.
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