Sell jokers gift card for cash in Nigeria

Sell jokers gift card for cash Nigeria | Jokers gift card for cash Ghana

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Do you have a Jokers gift card that you’d like to sell? You should definitely sell it if you think you are better off with cash in hand. With Quchange at your service, you don’t have to worry about your gift card gathering dust.

Fortunately, you can sell Jokers gift card for cash in Nigeria and save up more than you ever could with a prepaid card!

About the Joker prepaid gift card

The Joker prepaid card is a wonderful instrument to speed up your payments and save money. The card is accepted at thousands of retail brand outlets spread over hundreds of countries. It is a virtual as well as physical card that helps people make online purchases.

There are three types of Joker prepaid gift cards. These are:

  • Joker Blue: – This is the original gift card first released by the company.

  • Joker Green: – This card is a recent product and is only a colour variant of the original card.

  • Joker Gamers: – This card is slated for release and is meant specifically for buying gaming products.

Features of the Joker gift card

Here are the main features of the Joker gift card:
  • Denomination: – The denomination of the gift card ranges from $25 to $500. Each card comes with an inherent amount printed on it. You can buy a single card or multiple cards and send it as a gift to your loved ones. You can also send the virtual gift card via mail.

  • Activation fees: – Just like a credit card, the Joker master gift card has to be activated before you start making payments. It doesn’t need to be registered though. The activation fees can go up to $9.95 (for the highest value denomination).

  • Non-reloadable: – Each Jokers gift card is non-reloadable. This means that you can’t add more money into your Joker account nor can you withdraw money like an ATM card. The card has no value once you spend the entire cash value inherent in it.

  • No expiration date: – A Joker master gift card differs from other gift cards in its expiry date. There’s none. The recipient of the prepaid gift card can use it until the balance becomes zero. This is why it makes for such an attractive gift for adults.

Benefits of selling Joker gift cards for cash

While the Joker prepaid card helps you buy any product of your choice, the activation fee can sting you a bit. The advantage of cashback with the card gets blunted by the high fees. You can get a better deal if you simply exchange it for cash. You can sell Jokers gift card for cash in Ghana and receive amazing cash offers.

Here’s how you benefit when you sell Jokers gift card for cash in Nigeria or Ghana:
  • Get attractive cash offers: – If you sell Joker gift cards for cash, you get instant cash in your account. A platform like Quchange offers extraordinary cash returns. You’ll recover a great deal even after taking the convenience fee into account.
  • Uncomplicated user experience: – Getting real money in return for a gift card is extremely useful in times of need. You can use the money any way you want by buying things of utility or pleasure. This is a no-frills experience.
  • Utilise the gift card balance: – There’s no point in letting a gift card balance remain idle. If you sell Jokers gift card for cash in Nigeria, you can make sure the gift card balance is used up in the commercial framework.

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What is the Joker gift card?

Joker is an online or physical prepaid card that can be used like a credit card to make payments. You can use the Jokers gift card to buy things from various retail outlets wherever Visa or Mastercard is valid.

How much can I get for my American Express gift card?

The denomination of an Amex gift card is between $25-$3000. The money you make when you sell an American Express gift card for cash is proportional to the gift card value

How do I use the Joker prepaid gift card?

You can either redeem the gift card to make a store or online purchase. Else, you can sell Jokers gift card for cash in Nigeria if you aren’t so savvy with digital finance.

Can I sell my Joker gift card for cash?

You can sell Jokers gift card for cash in Ghana or Nigeria through the Quchange app. We offer lucrative cash offers to our customers and make sure they make a profit on every transaction.

Where should I sell my Joker prepaid gift card?

With the secure payment system of Quchange and its competitive market offerings, the opportunities for cash back remain huge. If you want to encash your Joker prepaid card, Quchange is the right app.

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