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There are times when selling a gift card is more profitable than redeeming it. The American Express gift card is one such thing. If you have an American Express gift card with you, the chance to cash out and make profits is big. You can sell an American Express gift card for cash and use the money more effectively.

About American Express

American Express is a multinational financial corporation based in Manhattan. It’s the fourth-largest card network in the world and is accepted all over the globe. The Amex card is a status symbol for many as it allows you to get premium travel and airline services. The company’s speciality is payment cards. The company also issues the Amex gift card, which you can redeem or sell as you wish.

Here are the various types of cards issued by the company based on the order of priority:

● Green: 40,000 bonus points
● Gold: 60,000 bonus points
● Platinum: 80,000 bonus points
● Black: This is an elite card that is given only on invitation. You can’t apply for it.

Features of the American Express gift card

The American Express or the Amex gift card makes for a lovely gift. It can be bought directly from the company’s website or received as a reward. You can even sell American Express gift cards for cash in Nigeria.
Here are the features of the Amex gift card:
  • Value: – You can buy gift cards starting from $25 to $3000. You can buy gifts worth $100,000 with Amex business gift cards.

  • No expiration: – The Amex gift card never expires. The cash value on the gift card can be used whenever the user likes.

  • No hidden charges: – There are no supplementary fees once you’ve paid for the Amex gift card. Unlike other cards, you don’t have to pay for registration or activation.

  • Transferable: – You can add the cash value to your Amex wallet and make online as well as in-app purchases.

  • Wide acceptance: – The Amex gift card can be used wherever American Express is accepted, which puts almost the whole world under its cover!

Benefits of selling your American Express gift card

While the bonus points of the Amex gift card may seem attractive, they are not for everyone. Those who don’t use Amex cards or are not financially savvy are better off selling them.

Here are the benefits if you sell American Express gift card for cash:
  • Get straight cash: – Cash is the ultimate reward for some people. Especially for those who don’t like to deal with the complexity of cards, online wallets, and bonus points. You simply sell American Express gold gift card and get money deposited in your account.
  • Better utilisation of gift cards: – The cash that you get out of the sale of your Amex gift card is often better utilised. Not everyone uses gift cards regularly, and some just forget they have one! The amount in the gift card can remain idle if it’s not used.
  • Utilise an idle gift card: – To sell CVS Pharmacy gift cards for cash means you get the idle gift card off your hands. When you use your allotted gift card, you reap the dividend. If you don’t, you just make the company richer.
  • Accumulate more bonus points: – You can help someone accumulate more bonus points in their Amex card. A regular user gets the benefit of redeeming the gift card and collecting the points while you get cash to spare. All this when you sell Amex gift cards for cash in Ghana!
  • Buy a higher-value gift card: – You can also use the sale proceeds to buy a higher-value gift card if you want. An Amex gift card is a valuable thing and having a higher value card means having a higher buying capacity.

Quchange - The best app to sell gift cards

If you want to sell an American Express gift card for cash, sell it on Quchange. It’s the one-stop app for all gift card-related transactions. Thousands of people have used the app to make money by selling their unused gift cards. Why should you be left behind? You can sell any gift card on the app and unlock an alternate source of income.

Here’s why you should redeem American Express for cash at Quchange:
  • Best market rates on gift cards: – Quchange offers consistently high cash rewards for all gift cards. We charge a small commission fee on each transaction but every customer goes back with a pleasant experience.
  • Safe online transactions: – We are the safest platform to conduct gift card transactions. We are fully transparent with our policy, and our payments have an unblemished track record.
  • Emphasis on data safety: – We value the safety and data privacy of our customers. That’s why we take special care of their online safety and never disclose their data online.
  • Broad payout options: – With Quchange, you can be assured of a preferred payment method. You’ll get a wide range of options on the app and get the amount in your preferred account - bank, PayPal, or crypto.

  • So download the Quchange app today and sell American Express gift cards for cash in Nigeria.


Should I sell my Amex gift card?

Selling your Amex gift card is best if you’re someone who can’t seem to get around its bonus points intricacies. If you don’t want to be bothered with card payments, you should aim for cash in hand.

How much can I get for my American Express gift card?

The denomination of an Amex gift card is between $25-$3000. The money you make when you sell an American Express gift card for cash is proportional to the gift card value

Where should I sell my Amex gift card?

If you want to sell American Express gift cards for cash, Quchange is the best platform without a shadow of a doubt. The transaction safety, the wide payout options, and the competitive rates make it the go-to app for gift card exchange.

Does the Amex gift card have an expiration date?

One of the unique features of the Amex gift card is its timeless validity. The gift card never expires. So you can redeem American Express for cash whenever it suits you.

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