Sell Old Navy Gift Card For Cash

Sell Old Navy Gift Card for Cash

Did you receive an Old Navy gift card but don’t really want to buy anything from this store? Do you prefer real cash instead of a gift card? Don’t worry because Quchange makes it possible to sell an Old Navy gift card for cash on your mobile device!

Quchange is a gift card trading platform offering the best rates in Nigeria. We’ve got market-leading offers for your Old Navy gift card, and we guarantee you money every time. Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform makes it convenient to convert any unwanted gift card into Naira anytime and anywhere with just a few taps, without assistance.

How to sell an Old Navy gift card using Quchange

It’s easy! Follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Quchange app. Get it only from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Create an account.
  • Check the latest Old Navy gift card rates on the app.
  • Fill in the necessary details.
  • Sellyour Old Navy gift card for cash!

Can I trust this app?

Quchange is a trusted and proven app where you can sell an Old Navy gift card for cash. Our company is in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, and your money is always guaranteed when you trade gift cards on our app. Transactions are fast, and you can find the money in your account almost instantly. When in doubt, check out the testimonials from our satisfied users!

Make queries anytime

Our support team is always ready to help. Tap the live chat icon on the Quchange app to access our secure support channel to inquire or connect with us through WhatsApp. Rest assured that we will address any concerns promptly.

An all-in-one app

Quchange is your go-to app for trading any unwanted gift card for cash conveniently and securely. If you receive another gift card you don’t want to use, turn to our app and convert its value into Naira. And if you have some Bitcoin to trade or sell, don’t look further because you can do that on the Quchange app, too!


1.Search or scroll to find the gift card you wish to sell, tap on it, and select the currency of your card.

2. Select the type of card you own, either e-code or physical (meaning a picture of the card).

3. Click on tap to add value

4. You will see a list of predefined values. If your card value is not there, click on "TAP TO ADD OTHER VALUE," where you can enter a custom value. In this case, the value of your card.

5. Click on plus to indicate the number of images you will be uploading. For instance, if your card is 50 eBay 2 pieces, you will select or enter a custom amount of 50 and tap on the plus button twice,

6. Click on the plus image to attach a picture of the card. NOTE, the card image must be fully scratched to reveal the code, which is what's important, i.e., the grey strip must be scratched off

7. Click on Sell

8. The card is processed, and when it is done, it is credited to your wallet. Tap on the wallet and request a withdrawal. However, before you can request a withdrawal, you have to enter your payment details.

9. Click on "Account," which can be found on the sidebar menu. It leads to a tab that says "update payment details."

10. You can withdraw the value of your gift card in any currency you want, including USD, Euros, Naira, and Cedis. Payment methods include bank transfer, mobile money, bitcoin, USDT, PayPal, Cash App, etc.

11. Payment is sent instantly once you request a withdrawal.