Sell Gift Card for Bitcoin

You can sell your various gift cards for bitcoin using the quchange app. Payment is made instantly to your provided bitcoin wallet addresses soon as your card is confirmed. You may have been looking for the best app to sell your gift cards for bitcoin, how to trade amazon gift card for bitcoin, how you can exchange gift cards for bitcoin.


1. Register an account on the quchange app
2. Log in to your user profile
3. Click on Account
4. Click on Update payment details
5. Select CRYPTOCURRENCY as your preferred withdrawal method
6. Enter your bitcoin or usdt address into the second field
7. Name of your receiving bitcoin app e.g blockchain, cashapp, coinbase
8. Enter your quchange password to update the payment details
9. Now go to the app first page, and select the cards you want to sell instantly
10. Once you have selected the card and uploaded the card images, wait for it to be
processed, you will be notified in real time either through emails or push notifications
11. Once the trade is completed, you will see the balance in the section “ naira wallet”
12. Click on withdraw.
13. In about 5 minutes, the withdrawal will be processed directly to your bitcoin or usdt address.

QUCHANGE is definitely the number app to sell gift card for bitcoin instantly. The go to app for giftcard to bitcoin services
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