Selling Gift Cards for Naira- Helpful Tips
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Travel / Lifestyle Dec 27, 2022
Best site to redeem gift card to naira

Although giving gift cards as presents have become customary, they are not always practical. Sometimes it would be better to use the cash towards something more important. If this is the case, you'll want to learn how to sell gift cards for naira.

Selling unwanted or unused gift cards is better than keeping or regifting them. That way, you can earn instant cash instead of worrying about what to buy with them. It may be better to sell gift cards from stores unavailable in Nigeria, too, especially if they come from friends or relatives abroad.

But how do you sell these gift cards? Here are some tips.

Use a gift card trading platform.

Find a reliable and secure app that lets you sell gift cards for naira. Verify that it comes from a Nigerian company with a valid physical address. Moreover, make sure it is downloadable from reputable sources, such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The best choice is Quchange. This gift card-selling app allows you to sell at any time and anywhere. Pick the cards you want to sell from their selection and check the rates. If you like the offer, you may continue the transaction and expect to see the payout in your account instantly.

Sell your cards only to proven reliable entities.

Always prefer a proven secure, trustworthy platform that lets you sell gift cards for naira. Like Quchange, it should have a readily available customer support team to answer any queries via live chat anytime. Look for reviews and verify the social media presence of the app to know more about it and its satisfactory rating with users.

Trade on WhatsApp

Some platforms like Quchange allow you to sell gift cards for nairaa on messaging apps like WhatsApp. Connect with the service provider and follow their steps to redeem your cards for cash. Make sure it’s a reliable and trustworthy service that guarantees your money and offers the most competitive rates.

Darafunmi Ola