Giving Gift Cards As Presents? How To Personalize This Gift
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Travel / Lifestyle February 2, 2022
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Gift cards are easy to purchase and likely appreciated by any recipient, as it lets them handpick an item that they want to buy from a specific store. However, they are not always practical for the recipient. These cards may even be perceived as unoriginal, impersonal, or thoughtless. The good news is that you can make them more memorable. Here are some things you can do to make your gift cards more unique so that even the pickiest recipient can appreciate your present.

Get a gift card from a store they love

What are your recipient’s interests and hobbies? Do they often shop at a specific store? Could they use a new item to make their life easier or more pleasant? The answers to those questions can lead you to the store that is relevant to them. Most merchants offer gift cards nowadays, so you’re likely to find something your recipient will love. But before you buy anything, check for the highest gift card trade rate. That way, your recipient won’t be disappointed should they decide to trade it for cash.

Customize the card

Some merchants like Sephora offer custom eGift cards that you can personalize with a photo or an image of your choice. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to the gift card, and it may even surprise and impress your recipient.

Present it with another gift

Feeling generous? Get another present, such as a wallet, book, or coin purse, then place the gift card inside. You can also consider adding it to a gift basket that contains your recipient’s favorite food or things. Remember to check the highest gift card trade rate before you buy one, so you can be sure that it will fetch a good amount of money in case your recipient wants to use it to get extra cash.
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