Gift Card Fraud - How to Prevent It
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Travel / Lifestyle April 14, 2022
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Gift cards are popular purchases for holidays and special occasions. They are in demand all year because they make gift-giving simpler and more cost-effective. They are convenient to give as they present the gift of choice. Recipients can also find the best gift card rate and exchange theirs for cash.

However, you and your recipients are not the only ones who like gift cards. Scammers and fraudsters like them, too. They’re ready to take advantage of these simple gifts to steal money and prevent opportunities. That’s why you should be vigilant and be wary of gift card fraud and any possible scams.

Types of gift card fraud

A gift card can be subject to fraudulent activities such as card number theft, physical tampering, account takeover, and refund scams. Stolen debit and credit cards; can be used to purchase gift cards. Then, scammers will try to find the best gift card rate and convert them to cash.

Gift cards are hard to trace and cannot be linked to individual identities. Moreover, they lack the same extensive regulations as debit and credit card transactions. That makes them attractive to fraudsters and prone to scams.

Preventing gift card fraud

If you are buying gift cards, take extra precautions to protect your money and prevent scammers from victimizing your recipients. Buy gift cards only from trustworthy sources with secure checkout processes. Be sure to buy directly from the merchant instead of third-party sellers. The merchants must have secure means for using gift cards, such as two-factor authentication or a unique passcode.

And if you have any unused gift cards, find a reputable and established platform that can let you convert them to cash. Make sure it offers the best gift card rate and that it pays instantly. Consider a gift card conversion platform based in Nigeria and trusted by other customers.
Darafunmi Ola