Converting Gift Cards to Naira: A Guide for Nigerians
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Travel / Lifestyle Oct 05, 2023

If you've been holding onto an unused gift card and find the idea of converting it into naira daunting, there's an easy solution: Quchange. This reliable app specialises in turning your gift card into naira, simplifying the process and giving you cash you can use as you please.


Why converting gift cards to naira is a smart move


Converting your gift cards to naira can offer you flexibility and freedom in how you spend your funds. Instead of being limited to purchases within a specific retailer or online store, you have the cash to spend wherever you like.


Additionally, gift cards can expire or lose value over time, but converting them to naira ensures you get the most out of your gift's monetary value. It's especially beneficial in a market where a notable percentage of gift cards remain unused. By turning your gift card into naira, you are essentially unlocking the liquidity trapped in a piece of plastic or digital code.


How to turn your gift card to naira


  1. To begin, head over to the App Store or Google Play to download the Quchange app. The app meets rigorous security standards set by these platforms, so you can trust it's safe to use.


  1. Next, you'll need to create an account, a straightforward process requiring just basic details like your name and email address.


  1. Once you're logged in, you're ready to start the trading process. Quchange is versatile, offering a platform to trade a variety of gift cards—from eBay and Sephora to Amazon and Steam. Simply hit the 'sell' button on the app and select your gift card type from the available options. It really is that simple to turn your gift card into naira.


  1. Lastly, you can relax and watch your account get credited. Transaction speeds may vary depending on the type of card you're trading, but Quchange is known for its quick payouts, making it one of the fastest platforms to convert your gift card to naira.


Quchange provides a valuable service, making the conversion of your gift card to naira as seamless as possible. So don’t wait! Download the Quchange app and start trading your unused gift cards for cash today.

Darafunmi Ola