Collect Free Gift Cards Through Online Surveys
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Travel / Lifestyle December 7, 2021
Best site to redeem gift card to naira

Can you sell gift cards to naira? Trading gift cards for cash is common practice. According to marketing studies, about 6% of gift cards are never used. And if they are never utilized within 6 months of receipt, chances are, they will never be used. They will just be forgotten. What a waste, right? It’s definitely better to sell gift cards to naira instead of keeping them unused until they expire. Aside from selling cards that were gifted to you, you can also try answering online surveys in exchange for gift cards that you can sell online.

Many companies do surveys as part of their market research. To entice people into answering surveys, they give them freebies and rewards such as gift cards. You can try going through different websites of businesses like restaurants, corporate companies, and retail stores. And if you want an easier way, simply search for paid survey websites.

What should you keep in mind when answering surveys?

When you answer a survey, you have to reveal some of your personal information such as your name, contact details, and gender. This is why it’s important to make sure that you are dealing with reputable survey websites online. Avoid scams that will simply try to get confidential information or don’t really pay participants.

Do your research and read up on these paid surveys. Know how much you can earn per survey. Find out how they are going to give you the gift cards and how soon you will get them.

What kind of gift cards can you get?

A lot of companies that conduct surveys give participants plenty of choices. You can select amongst the many gift cards they offer after completing their questionnaires. Some paid surveys offer Amazon gift codes because this online retailer is very popular. Other paid surveys also give gift cards from eBay, Sephora, and more.
Darafunmi Ola