Are Gift Cards Better Than Cash?
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Travel / Lifestyle Oct 07, 2022
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Gift cards are popular gifts for any occasion. Their versatility makes them practical as incentives or rewards, too. Prepaid cards, gift card rewards, and store-specific gift cards give recipients the freedom to choose whatever they want to buy from stores that accept those cards. Recipients also provide the option to convert them into money using an app to exchange gift cards for cash, making them more versatile and preferred.!

Better than cash?

Giving a gift card is safer than giving cash because it is more compact. Some merchants can even personalise their cards for the recipient. Gift cards are more practical to give as they eliminate the need to carry wads of cash to give out. They are typically multi-brand or merchant-specific, so the recipient will likely use them to treat themselves, resulting in a more memorable experience than paying with cash.

Guilt-free gifts

Gift cards allow recipients to treat themselves guilt-free. With cash, your recipients may feel obliged to spend it elsewhere, such as paying off their bills or existing debt. Receiving a gift card prompts them to treat themselves and feel like they deserve it. Should they need extra Naira, they can exchange a gift card for cash using an app and convert the unused or remaining balance.

Encourage positivity

Gift cards can inspire positive perceptions about the company when given as incentives or rewards. They may help motivate employees more while giving them the option to re-gift when necessary. Gift cards can be extra rewarding when someone needs instant cash, as they can be converted into Naira using a secure and reliable gift card trading app.

They hold their value.

Gift cards still maintain their value, even during uncertain times, like a recession. They can save the day when converted into Naira using an app to exchange gift cards for cash.

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